Settlement process and costs

We have had a home equity account with Wells Fargo since XXXX. The 10 year period of the account is over in XXXX of XXXX. I spoke to a representative in XXXX about wanting to know what were Wells Fargo ‘s programs that I could possibly use to change my Home Equity account into when the 10 year period was up. I told the rep I wanted to know what all the fees and rates were. He said the only way I could get that was to sign a paper he would send me basically agreeing not to take anymore money from the home equity account. I was n’t intending to take any more money from the acct so when I received the letter in the mail that clearly states ” Request To Terminate Future Advances ( Home Equity Line of Credit ” and nothing else on this sheet of paper my wife and I signed it. XXXX3 weeks later we get a letter from Wells Fargo that our Home Equity Line of Credit XXXX XXXX XXXX was changed to a 15 year fixed rate mortgage at a 4.8 % rate with a monthly payment of almost {$2900.00}. We are XXXX retired and our fixed income comes no where near being able to afford this. We immediately called Wells Fargo and larged a complaint. We were told that we had agreed to a 15 year fixed rate mortgage during my conversation on the phone. I asked to hear the conversation that was supposedly recorded by them and they refused. I would never agreed to a 15 year fixed rate mortgage that I ca n’t afford and the fact at the time I still had 6 months left on my Home Equity Account where I was paying {$1300.00}. Why would I agree to pay {$2900.00} rather than {$1300.00}??
Since that time I have had my complaint reviewed by Wells Fargo and they still insist I gave them a verbal OK to switch to a 15 Year fixed rate mortgage, WHICH I DID NOT!!!!
I have refused to pay the new 15 year fixed rate mortgage monthly amount of {$2900.00} for the last three months, my credit rating continues to go down and no other bank will give me a loan because I am now behind on the 15 year mortgage that I was put into without my approval.

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