Settlement process and costs

I went to Flagstar Bank, XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX in XXXX XXXX, Michigan to open a home equity line of credit. XXXX (? ), branch manager assisted me in opening this line of credit and all the paperwork it entailed. I told XXXX there was a possibility that I would n’t need the entire HELOC or that I may not use it at all. He said let ‘s go ahead and do the paperwork and that way the money will be there if need be. Fast forward two years later, and I did n’t use the HELOC. I recently sold my house in XXXX XXXX, 2015, my realtor advised me that I have to close this HELOC, which at that point I went to Flagstar bank and worked with XXXX XXXX, assistant branch manager. XXXX printed out the closing paperwork for the HELOC and to BOTH of our surprise there was a fee of {$560.00} attached to it! I asked him what this was all about since I never even used one penny of the money available of the HELOC. XXXX replied, that he did n’t know and would research this for me. A few days later he called and said that because I closed the account before 36 month term for XXXX, I have to pay a penalty which was an early termination fee! This was not explained to me by XXXX and oddly the branch manager was n’t even aware of such practice. XXXX and XXXX both said I would need to file with the office in XXXX, Michigan that handles customer service complaints. I did this and the women took my complaint, unfortunately I do not remember her name. She said she that someone would be in contact with me in 3-5 business days. After not hearing anything for two weeks, I went back to the bank to let XXXX know that no one has contacted me and I ‘m pretty upset with this fee that was never explained to me, and that if an assistant branch manager does n’t know about this, how can this information be passed on to the consumer? XXXX ( branch manager ) overheard this and replied that it was in the paperwork. Well, why did n’t he point this information out to me and make it clear before having me sign the paperwork? I told them both that I understand I, as a consumer, have a responsibility to understand fully what I am signing, however, my bank, and trusted institution where I do my financial business also has an obligation and responsibility to be forthcoming and carryout ethical banking practices. That is my complaint and I would like to recoup my {$560.00}! I will also be closing my account with Flagstar bank no longer allowing them the privilege of serving me as my financial institution.
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