Settlement process and costs

I have sent CFPB a complain early this year, case number XXXX and XXXX, regarding my mortgage modification with XXXX XXXX XXXX and Seterus. XXXX gave me a modification on XXXX XXXX, but then the loan servicer transferred to Seterus after that. I have paid all the XXXX required payment to make the offer final. However. Seterus starting to return my payment from XXXX XXXX, I was not able to get a solution, which forced me to contact CFPB. Now, after a whole year of struggle, I have got a Seterus offer, however there are substantial difference which I want answer but not get yet.
I have talked to XXXX XXXX ( loan owner ) and Setetus, but was told that I had better to sign the contract otherwise it will be void and I will have to go through the whole process again.
The new offer did not even give me a full account of how the total amount of the loan is calculated, why there are substantial difference between the terms and conditions of the XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX one. This loan is going to be with me for 40 years. How can I be expected to sign something that is not clear to me? I have got a letter recently from Seterus, in the letter Seterus admitted that there are errors in calculate the loan amount. How can I be expected to sign it when the offerer already knew something is wrong in the offer, and not yet correct it?
My concern is that the deadline of this offer is XXXX/XXXX/XXXX, which is 7 days later. Although I have a written question list sent to Seterus, I have not get any answer yet. Although Seterus admitted that its offer has errors, it has not corrected it. My XXXX payment to the offer is been returned by Seterus, just as my XXXX payments to Seterus. All these evidence signaled me that Seterus did not really want to give me an offer as the one XXXX gave me. Seterus just wanted to appear that they gave me an offer! All they want is to have me to start the whole process again and force me to pay a lot more than what I have been offered now!

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