Settlement process and costs

Lis Pendens finally released after fighting with GreenTree/Ditech with the help of HUD, XXXX, XXXX and Florida ‘s Hardest Hit. However, the process was a nightmare with Ditech they did everything possible to foreclose on us luckily I had big guns behind me. The rep from XXXX ( HUD affiliate ) had to do a couple of conference call with Ditech and myself on the line to straighten Ditech messes up..after getting all the paperwork for re-modification which was submitted in a timely manner TWICE received letter from Ditech informing us we were denied modification as they did not receive paperwork on time. When the XXXX package of identical paper arrived at my house I contacted XXXX Our rep from Greentree, the only person I was allow to speak to at Greentree, Of course as always XXXX does n’t answer his phone ever, left voice mail asking why do I have these same doc ‘s what should I do … .No response … called again … voice mail to date I have not heard from XXXX … NO letter no call just left me hanging so, another XXXX conference called got it straightened out to which Ditch admitted they Had all the paperwork needed for the re-modification but, we did n’t sign the papers in the right way … so DENIED!!!!. It ‘s been a total absolute NIGHTMARE dealing with this company..true bottom feeders. Re-Modification started XXXX 2015. When submitting XX/XX/XXXX payment via XXXX XXXX XXXX, ( can not trust Ditech website to actually process a payment as I can not Even contact them using their own contact form.on their own site, advised the company several times, no improvement ) noticed a fee of {$55.00} thinking that was a late charge I emailed the company using an email address from customer service, Ditech states it can take up to a month for an response. Today I received a letter from Ditech referring our account to a specific rep and contact her only, no answer to previous email. Called the rep today and asked why is my account being charged for XX/XX/XXXX and Now XX/XX/XXXX a {$55.00} fee, what is that for??? Informed that my payments went up an additional {$55.00} per month for the next 10 months for legal fees. Amazing that fee just occurred in XXXX 2015 and not on XX/XX/XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX or XXXX 2015 started in XX/XX/XXXX No letter stating anything no correspondence of any kind alerting me to the increase of any fees … After all the work to get our account current I am now behind exactly {$55.00} for fees that JUST Appeared … Spoke to Ditech manager and lost it after all they have put me personally through I am going NUTS with this company and I can honestly say I hate them. Yet, here they are working with XXXX a federal government program for the people and XXXX is now connected with the lowest of the low, complaints reign supreme for Ditech so, ranting online about them is useless Yet, they giving out loans via XXXX I want to warn Americans STAY AWAY FROM DITECH. XXXX Pay attention to Ditech..they are the worst mortgage company out there

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