Settlement process and costs

I got a Heloc loan for XXXX, ( which is a line of credit ) from Citi Bank. I ‘m notsure anyone at the CFPB knows what a HELOC is or how one of these loans works, but the lender did a great job in turn time. easy process at the bank. the problem was all the forms the govt has dreamed up, that must be sent to the consumer and then read and signed. I did not understand any of these govt produced, attorney produced forms, and it would take three weeks to read them all. The mortgage process as defined today by the fedl government is broken and confuses me to death. Could you please abolish your existence and let smart people run this business? For god sakes, I do n’t want any more forms created by you to safe guard me. I can handle myself. I don t need XXXX of you to look after me anymore and I don t know how we can pay all of you. good god man, think about it. Your killing us. PlEASE stop making rules for banks to comply with. Citi bank told me they now have hired XXXX compliance officer and attorneys to run their compliance department. to offset their costs they have raised my fees on checking and wire transfer and interest rates on car loans and consumer loans, to justify the cost increase. So little old me, gets to pay more money, for you to protect me! You are killing us out here!

Please back off!


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