Settlement process and costs

Ocwen took over my loan XXXX XXXX. My mortgage has been a total nightmare since.

The most latest issue is as follows : Please find attached documents for your review ).

I was approved for the Florida Hardest hit fund ( HHF ). Monies were actually funded and posted to my loan on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX in the amount of {$50000.00}.
Ocwen sent me a ” MODIFICATION OF PROMISSORY NOTE ” which I signed and had notorized. As you can see by the attached document, Ocwen ‘s Loan Servicing had XXXX persons sign this same document. Promissory Note is entered into XXXX XXXX, XXXX.
Based on this Note, I started making my monthly loan payments, P & I then add in my escrow, which is {$120.00} for XXXX.
All of sudden, Ocwen is sending me Default Notices. As you can see by my PAYMENT HISTORY from Ocwen ‘s Website, my payments are made per our contract, each and every month. Payments are due on the XXXX of every month, I have a grace period up to the XXXX of each month. I live of Social Security XXXX, only, each month.
Ocwen continues to put my Mortgage payments into a Suspense account each nmonth, rather than posting to my loan.
Ocwen is now claiming that I owe them over {$2500.00} dollars. They have never changed the payment amount in their system to reflect what is on their contract.
Now, Ocwen claims the ‘MODIFICATION OF PROMISSORY NOTE ” Is ‘NULL & VOID ” How can that be? It is my opinion that we agreed and entered into a legal contract together. Now they want to back out of this contract. Can they legally do this? Is it considered to be a legal & binding contract? If so, how can I get them to realize this and change the figures in their system. I have been working with their account Representative ” XXXX ”. Her supervisor finally got involved and he escalated it to the Modification Department who states they can not honor this contract since they are claiming my loan can not be recasted. Before the HHF money posted to my loan, I owed approximately {$120000.00}. Then after the monies were posted to my loan my Principal went down to {$75000.00}.
What Ocwen is doing, is making me pay my monthly loan payments based on thel old balance. I am requesting that the contract of XXXX XXXX, XXXX be honored and the payments are to change according to this contract. Why do I do next? I can not afford an attorney. HELP!!!! I will have no place to live if Ocwen takes my loan into Foreclosure. I pay every month ….
Your assistance is much appreciated.

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