Settlement process and costs

I accepted a refinance offer from Freedom Mortgage on XXXX. I was told that it was a Streamline FHA loan, 30 year XXXX@3.25 %. And that we would close in XXXX. I was under the impression that I was refinancing with the same company that my current loan is with ( XXXX ) because when I refinanced in XXXX, I received emails back from Freedom Mortgage personnel asking for feedback on that loan process. Anyhow my loan office provides the condo insurance info. right away. They contacted my currency mortgage company ( XXXX ) on XXXX who provided the pay off info., but then after the election, my file seemed to go to suspense. I was then informed that it may not close in XXXX. I replied by asking if I could add XXXX and XXXX loan payments into my new loan. There are a string of emails on this between me & Freedom employees. The loan officer informed me not to make the XXXX payment and when I confirmed this with the loan processer, she replied that she did see a note in the file. Additionally I am attaching the updated loan documents that I received on XXXX noting the increased loan amount.
I wrote back letting them know how I was spending the money and thanking them for their assistance. Then this past week I heard from XXXX informing me that I was late on both XXXX & soon XXXX payment. I told her that my loan was due to close any day and that part of our agreement was the XXXX & XXXX payments. As a matter of fact, after I confirmed with the loan processor that this was approved, I received new loan documents XXXX. The lady from XXXX said she would look into it but she had not heard from Freedom Mortgage on my account since the request for pay off at the XXXX. When I called Freedom back, they told me that this was all they were waiting for?? The gal at Freedom then starts to tell me that they need me to make XXXX payment to XXXX, at which point I remind her of our agreement. She tries to record me saying something different unsuccessfully so she transfers me to a manager who has been nothing but rude. His message is make those prior payments or your out of luck?? He then tells me that he will try to help me IF I can prove that I have proof. I ask him why we are n’t working towards a resolution?? He says proof it or you are out of luck?? I could not believe it. I send him the proof, thinking he will feel stupid only to receive a reply indicating that he reads the emails differently. At which point I copied he supervisor and let them know I would be contacting you.
I am a XXXX woman with a XXXX. I had offers from loads of companies before I chose Freedom so I called one of them and he explains that they can really XXXX me over now because the rates are up and I have a 30 day late soon to be a 60 day late. I do n’t have this money because I had a death in the family and I used it to travel. I do n’t even know if someone has paid my property taxes now? I have been a home owner for over 20 years and I have never missed a payment or been late. I pray you can help me as this feels like a scam. I counted on our agreement and it does n’t seem fair that they can pull out after the rates go up or because of misinformation on their end. I mention this agreement in at least XXXX of the XXXX emails that I forwarded to him from the last 45 days.
Thanks for your time!
Please advise at your earliest convenience.

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