Settlement process and costs

Please Forward Directly to XXXX XXXX, Director, XXXXThis is a complaint of the actions of the CFPB regarding the handling of my XXXX prior complaints submitted ref # XXXX XXXX Bank and XXXX XXXX Debt Collection and cashing of check not authorized to apply to credit account I did not own or own money on and ref # XXXX Bank of America Mortgage Foreclosure violations, not applying checks received to loan, et al.

XXXX asked for a 60 day extension in order to answer the complaint which was immediately granted without question. They eventually just came back and said, The credit card account was not in my name so they could not respond since they could not release any details about the account since I was not a cardholder on the account.
It took an extension to tell you that???? THAT WAS MY COMPLAINT!!! The threatened to have me arrested and went into great detail as to how they are doing it if I did not make arrangements to pay off the other person ‘s credit card, whom I had no legal responsibility to do so. I had to hire a criminal attorney to fight for me. Obviously I disagreed with the response and told your person on the phone that is not an adequate response, they need to go back to them and demand they respond properly. The person on the phone said he would register my disagreement but that I could not talk to anyone else and that was all i could do. That was my ” XXXX response to their response ” and that was as far as I could go, they would look at it and see if it merited further attention.
That was ridiculous. They were going to have me arrested for fraud supposedly fraudulently taking out a credit card in my wife ‘s name while we were married ( according to the claims of my ex-wife ), made me give them a post dated check to stop them from coming to arrest them until I could talk to an attorney, then when I did told them not to cash the check, but they did anyway. Then they tell you they can not respond to my complaint because the card did not belong to me and it is a privacy issue. They sent me all the data and information on the card back then.

Ref XXXX Bank of America Mortgage This was regarding the foreclosure violations, failure to apply checks I had sent to my loan, failure to honor the Making Homes Affordable agreement I had completed after XXXX payments, fraud in the ” auction ” of the property by the trustee and violation of Fiduciary Duty by the Trustee handling the foreclosure, violation of numerous Federal and State Housing regulations, and providing false information to the CFPB in their response to a complaint.
The respondent from BOA ” Office of the President ” an outsourced company BOA pays to respond to the CFPB on these matters, just like the same outsourced company ” Office of the President ” did during the housing crisis for them, provided no answers to my complaint. She provided to me a large amount of documents, and it is stated that I did not receive all the documents that the CFPB received and visa versa. I had everything I needed to prove numerous violations of law and violations of BOA ( and XXXX XXXX for that matter ) violation of the agreements signed with the Justice Department and others to settle charges related to the housing crisis. I asked the CFPB for additional time to read through all the documents that BOA has dumped on me.
CFPB would not give me additional time to review. They automatically give COMPANIES like XXXX, above, 60 DAYs extension with no particular need, but they can not extend it 30 days for the consumer who is swamped with contracts and documents by the respondent company. In addition, they said that was my ” XXXX response to the companies response ” and I could not have any other requests put into the system. They would decide actions from there. Change to I DISPUTE on your records!

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