Settlement process and costs

We bought our house in XXXX XXXX. Our loan was with Freedom Mortgage. They offered us a lower interest rate, we closed with the new loan in XXXX. The did n’t calculate the escrow correctly from one loan to the other. But, we had XXXX in our escrow account before the refinance. Now, they have tacked on extra escrow to XXXX because we did n’t have enough in our escrow account to cover taxes and insurance. I thought that either they had to roll the XXXX over, or we were supposed to receive a check within 30 days. It did n’t roll over and we did n’t receive a check. We have reached out to them several times, phone calls and emails. One person said that they used the money to pay unpaid principal for XXXX XXXX payment?? The gentleman that told us that said he would have a supervisor contact us within 25 hours ( that would have been Saturday ) have n’t heard a word. First contact was Friday XXXX XXXX, XXXX. We are very frustrated, because now we are expected to pay an additional XXXX a month, when we paid the money in XXXX. We should n’t have to pay for their mistakes!

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