Settlement process and costs

MB Financial Bank has sent us several Closing Disclosures with many errors involving closing costs and amount of the loan ( VA ). We contacted our Loan Officer and asked for corrections. She has said, ” Oh do n’t worry about it! ” This has gone back and forth several times, mainly because MB Financial & the Loan Officer did not want to rewrite the loan. They finally conceded that there was misappropriation of funds and now rewriting the loan. We have yet to see the Closing Disclosure and even so, we were told the closing on the home will be this Friday, XXXX XXXX, 2016.
We have lost trust in the Loan Officer and MB Financial. We also feel pressured by the Loan Officer, the Realtor and MB Financial. [ We were told that if we opened the email ( secure document ) from MB Financial, we were giving consent for the Closing Disclosure. ] Can you help us look at the Closing Disclosure without giving our consent?
We feel we would like to use another financial institution and have already started this process. We do not want to use MB Financial due to all these problems.
The Loan Officer is not happy and neither the Realtor ( whom recommended the Loan Officer ). The Seller ( s ) are unhappy due to this delay. It is a mess, but not our fault!
Thank you, XXXX

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