Settlement process and costs

I have been working on selling our home of 30 years since XXXX 2015, Unfortunately as everything I own seems to be worth less than what I owe. I am resorting to a short sale and even asked if we could do a deed in lieu of they said NO!!! we have the property listed with a very reputable realtor. we have submitted every document on the list ( even several times ) for the same doc.
We have been waiting weeks for any kind of answer. When I call they say they dont need anything else but still will not move forward. This week we were notified that it was going to another new processor. Just to go on the bottom of someone else ‘s pile of to do stuff. Out of everybody My family and I have worked very hard to keep this home even thru hard times but we always pulled it out. We are the only ones loseing here. My idea was to sale this home later for our retirement next egg but they tell me the home needs to moany upgrades with nothing wrong with it?? go Figure, Please Please if you have anything that can help speed up the process that would be great!!!!! Thank You for your time.

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