Single Mom Avoids Bankruptcy and Becomes One of the Most Successful Women In The Industry

Carol’s story is best told in her own words. When she came to Network Marketing, her life was upside down. Read on, in her own words, how Network Marketing has changed her life – in every way:

“When I was first introduced to Network Marketing I had little interest in the business.”

“I originally started our family on company’s products because of the critically poor health of my two youngest daughters, Janet and Sally. Both were born with the chronic degenerative disease, Cystic Fibrosis. Sally underwent a pioneering procedure, a double lung transplant, just weeks after her thirteenth birthday. The transplant went beautifully, but just nine days after the transplant Sally’s body rejected the new lungs. In an attempt to save Sally’s life, she was put into a medically induced coma and remained on life support in intensive care for nearly three months.”

Our family faced a very serious financial situation after Sally’s ordeal. I didn’t know what I was going to do to help cover Sally’s physical therapy expenses and to help support our large family. I needed to make a lot of money, I needed to make it quickly and it was essential that I worked from my home so I could be with Sally.”

“I have now been working as a business for over seven years. I am one of the top distributors in the entire company. I recognized that Network Marketing was radically different from other “network opportunities” I had previously looked into. Beginning by sponsoring just two people, no levels or breakaways, no group volume requirement, sales commissions that came weekly instead of monthly…etc. It seemed to me that all negatives were eliminated. I had nothing to lose – and everything to gain. I originally got involved in Network Marketing because of the products, but now I can honestly say that the Network Marketing opportunity has made the difference between financial devastation and incredible prosperity in our family.”

“Network Marketing has changed every aspect of my life. It doesn’t feel like a company, it feels like a family. Network Marketing opportunity is going to mean health, wealth, and empowerment for millions of people.”

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