Struggling to pay mortgage

I am a victim of mortgage fraud. I have owned my property for nearly 20 years. In XX/XX/XXXX I refi nanced the property but unbeknownst to me was put into a commercial loan. This is a mixed-use property, there is a storefront downstairs and then two apartments on the second floor. I made all of my payments on time and after origination the loan was transferred to XXXX XXXX XXXX . However, it appears that the lender somehow snuck into the agreement some type of language regarding the assignment of leases and rents in ADDITION t o a mortgage payment with an interest rate over 11 %!!! I have made all of my mortgage payments on time and then one mon th received a statement saying that I owed them {$17000.00}. The previous month I had been current on the loan, so my only guess is that there was some type of hidden balloon payment in my loan, perhaps a trigger where they are trying to charge me for all past due rents from my extra unit? I have not been able to find out how they came up with this figure. My interest rate began adjusting up every few months and my payment increasing as well. I continued making my regular monthly payments, and when my rate and payment went up I paid the larger amount. I tried on multiple occasions to engage XXXX XXXX XXXX to find out what the problem was but could not make any progress. I requested a payment history from them and could not discern where the missed payments occurred. XXXX then informed me that my loan was being transferred to XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX . This is a company that was formed in XX/XX/XXXX ( sh ortly after XXXX said I owed them $ XXXX ) and it is listed in the name of XXXX XXXX XXXX , who also happens to be the Attorney of record who is trying to sue me for foreclosure. XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX XXXX claim that I did not make the monthly payment on XX/XX/XXXX an d every month after that. This is completely false.

I continued making my regular monthly payment via wire to XXXX through XX/XX/XXXX , and they accepted every payment, even though XXXX XXXX XXXX had begun the foreclosure process several months earlier. XXXX XXXX has been accepting my monthly wired payments for the last 5 months. I sent a check to XXXX XXXX partners for the XX/XX/XXXX pay ment and they have not cashed this.

XXXX XXXX formed XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ( ap pears to be HIS company ) and then he had XXXX transfer the servicing of my loan to this company. At the same time, XXXX XXXX is the Attorney of record in a foreclosure action that was filed by XXXX XXXX XXXX ( a company that was formed in XX/XX/XXXX ) so not sure how they are the rightful holder of this mortgage loan or how the debt was transferred to them but this all seems rather suspicious. I tried to find out why XXXX XXXX XXXX was claiming I owed them {$17000.00} but could not make any progress, although they continued accepting my payments, and since the loan was transferred they stated that the wires that have been sent were forwarded to XXXX XXXX XXXX . XXXX XXXX then sued me for foreclosure and we went to court last month and the judge granted a summary judgment in his favor. This hearing related only to whether he had legal standing to foreclose. It did not address the issue of misrepresentation, mortgage fraud or conflict of interest since XXXX XXXX cant be the foreclosure Attorney and the lender AND the trustee??

How is it possible that I own my property for 20 years and make all my payments on time and suddenly the lender says I owe them {$17000.00} and then when I question it, they transfer my loan to a shell company formed by an Attorney and not long after I am sued for foreclosure by a different company ( XXXX XXXX XXXX ) that has the same Attorney working for them. Something is wrong here.

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