Struggling to pay mortgage

I have a loan with DITECH. I applied for a loan modification XXXX XXXX . I was approved for a trial modification in XXXX XXXX . I had to comple te four ( 4 ) t rial payments by XXXX XXXX . I completed my trial payments in XXXX XXXX bu t DITECH has not sent me anything in writing regarding the approval of my loan modification. I was advised by my account rep to continue to make the trial payments because the modification docs are not ” ready ” ; however, I have not received any documents or anything in writing from DITECH assuring me that my modification has been approved. Even though the trial period is over DITECH continues to report negatively to the credit bureau they also continue to do collection calls and I have to keep reminding the DITECH representative that I ‘M IN A MODIFICATION PROCESS. But it always seems like no one knows the status of my loan modification, and they refuse to put anything in writing! … its like they are waiting to send me to foreclosure. Why is it that they do n’t have to put anything in writing during this process? I ‘m just trying to keep my home but it seems like my lender has no interest in helping me do that. Please let me know what I can do to get something in writing from DITECH regarding my modification status

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