Struggling to pay mortgage

We submitted a short sale on X/XX/17 with Citi. A negotiator had already been assigned in XX/XX/XXXX. Our negotiator finally reviewed our file after numerous follow-up calls and e-mails on my part. On this particular short sale the 1st lien is receiving a full payoff. The 2nd lien would then receive any remaining funds. On X/XX/17 I received a message from the negotiator advising me to REDUCE THE PAYOFF ON THE 2ND LIEN TO {$6000.00}. What would she like for me to do with the now excess {$71000.00}? I e-mailed XXXX my processor and called in. I spoke with XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX via phone. She was able to communicate with the negotiator via IMing while I was on the phone. The negotiator said she did not realize the 1st was a full payoff ( yet she admitted she is assigned to the 1st and 2nd liens ). She said she would review the file and would update me on Monday XX/XX/XXXX. Of course there was no update on XX/XX/XXXX, nor on XX/XX/XXXX when I called. The afternoon of XX/XX/XXXX XXXX messaged me again with the negotiators update … to reduce the payoff to the 2nd lien to {$6000.00}!! Again, no advice on what to do with the {$71000.00} that Citi refuses to accept. XXXX then went on vacation until XX/XX/XXXX. I spoke with a manager on XX/XX/XXXX ( XXXX XXXX ) who agreed that the bank should be willing to accept the extra $ XXXX and that he would escalate my file for the negotiator ‘s manager to review. I called today, XX/XX/XXXX – still no update and still unable to speak with any decision maker. They told me to now wait until XX/XX/XXXX and then call back. My options are : pay myself the extra {$71000.00}, pay the seller {$71000.00}, reduce the sales price by {$71000.00} or give Citi the {$71000.00}. Unfortunately, no one at Citi seems smart enough to accept the {$71000.00}. I find it ridiculous that I have to ask for assistance to give you more money.

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