Struggling to pay mortgage

My problem is with my mortgage lender Wells Fargo. I continue to get conflicting information from their loss mitigation department in relation to my requests for homeowner assistance programs. One letter I receive tells me I have been reviewed for assistance options too many times so I dont get another chance to have my information reviewed. A different letter states that my only option is a short sale, but later in the same letter it says that I am not eligible for the short sale program. Another letter states that I am eligible for re-entry review because I have had a definitive change in my financial circumstances. Yet the most recent letter says I cant apply for anything other than reinstatement.

XXXX XXXX re ceived over XXXX XXXX dollars in taxpayer funded bailout monies. This was followed up by unprecedented scandal with the fake bank account scam that Wells perpetrated on thousands of innocent account holders. I am not surprised tha t Wells Fargo is talking out of both sides of their mouth. In an earlier letter sent in response to a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau compl aint, Wells gave one response, then they sent conflicting information t o US Senator XXXX XXXX . I dont know how Wells Fargo can get away with this.

I understand that I have received help in the past and I appreciate it. Nonetheless, I deserve the opportunity for a new revie w. Wells Fargo has obstr ucted the process for over 6 months, and for this reason I want the sale date to be postponed, and I need to be approved for re-entry and a new review for modification, forbearance agreement, restructured loan as well as deferred interest and principal forgiveness programs. I dispute the fact that I have exceeded the maximum number of reviews for assistance and assert that this is a guideline and standard that does not exist. I would like for Wells Fargo to provide a copy of their pooling and servicing agreement for this loan and highlight the specific verbiage that states I cant be considered for any type of he lp. Wells Fargo actually c ontradicts themselves ( please see attached documentation ) in the various letters sent out in relation to this matter, but would like to request a copy of this directive, because I am certain it does not exist.

I want to stop the games and start the revie w. Wells Fargo has obst ructed access to all programs for well over 6 months and this needs to stop.

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