Struggling to pay mortgage

Bayview Loan Servicing h as failed to provide Requests for Mortgage A ssistance ( RMA ), los s mitigation processes including, but not limited to modifications and has instead chosen to dual track our home. In this instan ce, Bayview and its employees, Asset Manager XXXX XXXX and Asset Manager XXXX XXXX knew or should have known of applicable regulations, guidelines, timelines, agreements, orders, and statutes that dictate and govern interaction with consumers and how Bayview Loan Servicing an d its employees are to proceed during and throughout processes intended to keep homeowners with their properties and in their homes. Instea d Bayview Loan Servicing and its employees have operated in this racketeering business enterprise for profit orchestrated through the Master Servicer XXXX XXXX XXXX . Bayview Loan Servicing and its emplo yees, Manager XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX have practiced and established and intended to circumvent the rules and law. Specifically, they have been executing foreclosures on behalf XXXX XXXX XXXX designed to defraud homeowners by forcibly removing them from their homes in an unlawful manner as evidenced by their neglect to follow the loss mitigation process and have their employees indicate to us to miss payments. Review of the timeline does not conform with federal and state law. In a scheme to foreclose on our h ome Bayview Loan Servicing e mployees intentionally told us to stop making trial modification payments after we made our third modification payme nt. Bayview Loan Servicing LLC failed to provide permanent modification documents that were not damaged and delivered late from XXXX XXXX to XXXX XXXX . Finally, after making trial modification payments f or nine mon ths, Between XXXX XXXX to XXXX XXXX and the month of XXXX we paid at least {$1900.00}. From XXXX XXXX to XXXX XXXX we did n’t m ake trial modification payments only after being told multiple times by Bayview Loan Servicing LLC e mployees not to make payments we didnt make payments for the month of XXXX and XXXX XXXX . Bayview Loan Servicing then started foreclosure on our home. We did start making payments again in the month of XXXX XXXX .

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