Struggling to pay mortgage

It began when my mortgage company paid my taxes out of my checking account instead of escrow ( XXXX ) ( {$1300.00}. ). My account was on autopay so I thought that this amount was my monthly payment for XXXX XXXX . When I received a late payment notice, I then had to come up with XXXX XXXX payment and late fees. Pd. XXXX . Offsetting XXXX and XXXX payments. I remained in contact with XXXX XXXX @ Standard Mortgage to make payment arrangements. On XXXX XXXX , I left a recorded voicemail stating that I wanted to make XXXX XXXX payment that day, but would call back on Friday to make partial payment arrangements for XXXX until I could catch up. Ms. XXXX put both payments through XXXX and XXXX totaling {$3200.00} within 72 hours. Being XXXX XXXX here in XXXX XXXX , banks are closed and I did not realize she had done this without my authorization. I was {$400.00} negative in the bank before the weekend ended. When I realized it I called her, only to be yelled at. She stated that she took my voicemail as authorization of full payments. I told her that to listen to the voicemail again and she refused. She will take no responsibility for this and will not help me resolve it.This h as caused me to sink into much deeper financial distress and accrue well over {$2000.00} in NSF fees alone, at my bank. This is unrecoverable! Now, I wrecked my car and have no second income anymore. But, because my credit is ruined, I can not get another car. Therefore, no second income. On my XXXX XXXX XXXX salary only, I can not afford to keep this house. My water, phone, cable, etc. have all been turned off. I have to use the neighbor ‘s hose to fill my toilets in order to flush them once a day. Standard Mortgage is going to be foreclosing on me soon. Ms. XXXX ‘s decision to put the second full payment through, WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION, had destroyed me and my family. Is there any way that this can be resolved?

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