Struggling to pay mortgage

XXXX XXXX XXXX /Ocwen ( XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ) an nounced back in XX/XX/XXXX / XX/XX/XXXX that my house would be getting foreclosed and I had to leave premises. There was an auction on my front lawn. I was told after to leave and I did. Later I received a XXXX validating the foreclosure and seizure of said home. Also calls directly from ban k I no l onger owned home. I then started receiving calls from police and neighbors of drug activity and other criminal activity at house. as well as calls from board of health. I kindly stated I no longer owned house. this went on for over a year. finally I was notified a XXXX XXXX XXXX offender was squatting at the home and I could be held liable. Then I went to registry and noticed something wrong with deed. Only to find out there was an ” illegal foreclosure ”. The registry was ambiguous at best with fake and faulty assignments. the bank without notifying me unforeclosed, when they realized they did the foreclosure illegally. but by this time I had already moved. TO THE POINT A XXXX XXXX REGISTERED AS LIVING THERE! I removed XXXX XXXX and secured the house through out the years spending a great deal of monies. The bank started sending me bills as if there was never a foreclosure and I lived there the whole time. I tried to explain how unfair it was to have me vacate, tell me I do n’t own it, send me tax certs saying I do not own it. I was only a few months behind originally when it was foreclosed. then years later. say I own it. and now I owe all the money plus fees etc. I tried to explain how this makes no sense. if you took it ( foreclosed ) legal ly and I was only 3 months late. How can you tell me years later, Oh we made a mistake and you owe all mortgages since the beginning? So the original bank, was XXXX XXXX XXXX contacting me and now ocwen.

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