Struggling to repay your loan

First of All, al l of my loans are in default because XXXX XXXX refused to work with me on consolidating my private loans, they would not help me to get payments to where I could afford them. I was NEVER told ever in the 10 years I have had the student loans that there were other options besides forebearance or deferement. I did those as long as I could until I could no longer do them anymore and then I just did nothing. In 2013 , I was working with Creditor, which I never should have because it was probably out of SOL, but I was told my wages would be garnished etc. I was lied to. This whole process started in XXXX 2013. I w orked a deal with the creditor to lower interest rat e to .001 on private loans after making 4 qualifying payments of {$250.00}. Well I did that, in the mean time Navient t ook over and my interest rate never was changed I fullfilled my obligations they did not fullfill theirs. After repeated emails, and calls and being transferred to several people and no answers. It took 4 years, 4 years for them to figure out how to get my interest rate down to .001 %. I have yet to see any paper work to show that they took off all the interest that incurred during those 4 years as well as any late fees incurred. I have asked and none has been sent. Now they want me to renew my payments for another 2 years. I told them I need the payments lower as I now own a home and I already pay federal loans to Navient and customer service reps are very rude to me and refuse to work with me and lecture me on how I should have never been late on payments and how it can negitively affect my credit score which only ifurates me considering I have waited 4 years for them to fix this XXXX . My mortgage is now twice as high as when I started making these payments I can not even afford to feed my kids. I have worked with them yet they STILL refuse to work with me and continually XXXX XXXX XXXX . I am tired of it and need something done or I am just going to try to get another loan an hire a lawyer. Something needs done to protest us hard working people who are trying to pay this back yet get NO help. I am NOT refusing to pay I am asking for a smaller payment. Federal loans go my my income and is way lower than what they want. I can also go on about XXXX XXXX who also promised to place me in a job when I graduated and they did not do that either. They made many promises and promises to ma ke XXXX – XXXX g rand a year which is NOT happening. Anyhow any help you can provide would be beneficial.

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