Struggling to repay your loan

Over the last several weeks I have attempted to work with Navient to obtain either a deferment or forbearance as I am XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX beginning this XXXX . I have had several inconsistent responses from Navient representatives advising me that I was eligible for an in-school deferment, then advising I was not eligible but that I was eligible for a forbearance. Then I was advised I was not eligible for either of those options. The last time I was advised I was eligible for an in-school deferment was on XXXX / XXXX / XXXX at XXXX XXXX XXXX by XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ). XXXX XXXX advised me that the current rate reduction plan I was in was not scheduled to increase until XXXX and that I would not need to contact Navient again until late XXXX to begin the process of in-school deferment. I advised XXXX I was told in XXXX that my program was ending and that a representative from XXXX had me begin the process of completing another income verification form. XXXX advised she was uncertain why that was done but that I would not need to worry about that. Based on my conversation with XXXX and the assurance that I was in fact eligible for in-school deferment, I spoke with the XXXX XXXX and made the arrangements to be a XXXX XXXX rather than the XXXX XXXX I was initially intending to be. Several days after my conversation with XXXX , I received an email from Navient advising my rate reduction was ending and my payment was nearly doubling. I contacted Navient on XXXX / XXXX / XXXX and spoke with several representatives who advised me that I was not eligible for deferment or forbearance. The last person I spoke with was XXXX XXXX employee ID unknown ) who advised me to contact Navient again after I was no longer XXXX to see what could be done about a rate reduction but she again assured me that I was ineligible for deferment or forbearance. What is monumentally frustrating and seemingly unreasonable is that at no point has XXXX and now Navient ever advised me that I would be able to do a rate reduction rather than deferment or forbearance. Had any representative from XXXX or Navient ever spoken to me about this as an option instead of telling me the best thing for me was deferment or forbearance, then I would not potentially be in the situation I am currently in where I truly do need deferment or forbearance. The XXXX XXXX XXXX has very strict guidelines about working, especially when a XXXX XXXX . I made the decision to XXXX XXXX based upon the information provided to me by XXXX XXXX on XXXX / XXXX / XXXX . I am unable to switch back to the XXXX program and I can not reasonably take out a student loan to payback Navient only to incur even more interest. I am genuinely at a loss for what to do and I have such a difficult time even wanting to communicate with Navient because of their inconsistencies and having previously been told by a representative to go to a food bank or homeless shelter to get food so that I could pay the loan back. I have also previously been told by a representative to remove all of my education from my resume while applying for jobs because ” no one cared about your education and it wo n’t help you get a job. ” I am honestly sick to my stomach at the thought of speaking to them again for fear of being demeaned or debased again and to get inconsistent information again. I feel as though Navient is continuously providing inaccurate information and not leading me in the direction that is best for me or my situation.

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