Taking/threatening an illegal action

In XXXX I move out off apartment that I was renting.
Deposit of {$500.00} was in question when I left the property.

XXXX XXXX sends this account to collection, without notification.

The only balance was left was {$500.00} prorate rent for XX/XX/XXXX, but they did not return my deposit.

My balance was at the time {$500.00} to XXXX XXXX apartments In XXXX XXXX, CA.

Last year trying to build credit, lender run my credit and shows a balance of {$2000.00}.

I request the credit companies a validation of the account to find out : -How they came up to this balance? From {$500.00} to $ XXXX-I offer a Settlement-I offer a payment plan with something in paper to reflect this agreement.

They came back with, I had to pay or there attorney will proceed ; know collection calls asking me to pay full balance.
When account was Charge off. Status of Limitation was check in California is 2 year.
I started contact ; I initiated conversation and XXXX call.
I submit a request to the credit bureaus but, they only send me a charge statement from this Agency.

Company failure to comply with : -break down of fees-copies of the original contract-provided name or manes of account ( Attorney ) – Harassing me with calls- Company failure to comply with copies of records within 30 days.
-refuse to work with me-damage my credit – reporting account I was not informed I had.

Please see attached documents I have send to credit companies.
Please, know I am asking for deletion of the account.
This collection had created a financial impact in my credit for many years.
Not able to obtain credit, not employment.
Creating, : Stress, fair, and emotional stress that have affected the stability and peace on my family.

Thank you!!

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