Taking/threatening an illegal action

Zenco collections called me early this month and threatened me saying that I had committed tax fraud and the irs was going to take me to court and also saying I was being charged with intentional defraudment. This guy had my full ssn, dob, address, my new husbands father ‘s address and my account balance from my last payday to the penny. I of course got scared and made the mistake of giving info. I then had to change bank accounts when I discovered this was some type of scamy or flat lie. My mother is a retired supervisor adutior for the XXXX and my husband is a legal assistant. So I talked them and did research. Then spoke with my bank and closed account. Now they are calling threatening me with more legal action. I have it recorded as I have a call recorder on my phone. The guy would n’t even tell me what the loan was for and says he has video and audio of my ex husbands and I getting the loan. The ex-husband involved and I divorced 10 years ago! They have n’t contacted him but are threatening me. I saw on here they have done this XXXX other times.

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