Taking/threatening an illegal action

I was contacted by Mercantile Adjustment Bureau personnel by the name of XXXX XXXX. The phone call directed to my Aunt house the person left a voice message stating that, this was attempt to collect a debt even, if you do listen to this recording then you are stating that this is indeed ” XXXX XXXX ”, and by listening to this message you are confirming of this valid debt, you are formally being notified of a law suit concerning this Debt Please return call to XXXX. XXXX..unquote. This statement is against XXXX, and collection of a debt. This form of collection is illegal, they did not verify if this was indeed my phone number, then they left the message on a family member number letting any information private to me open to anyone with access to my aunts voicemail system. Then they indicated if you listen to the voicemail that you are indicating that you accept this debt and are indeed XXXX XXXX if no contact made on this debt you are formally being notified of a law suit concerning this Debt. What kind of mess is this?? Illegal, Illegal!! Per. fair credit reporting whether original creditor, or collector of debtor, or buyer of debt, you must contact in specified guidelines. I will not be threaten, I know my rights under fair credit laws. Also brutal threats can not be made in attempt to collect a debt. I have yet to see proof of this debt, written notification to review this debt, and account information regarding this debt.

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