Taking/threatening an illegal action

First off, these people are contacting me for something that is n’t mine. XXXX cell phone bill. I have XXXX of them on my credit report. They are not mine. I have challenged them and filed complaints. How can a person open XXXX accounts with XXXX in a year?? I do not know if someone opened these up in my name or if this is some kind of paperwork error, but these are not mine. I tried to explain that to the man that called me and he laughed at me, said it was n’t his problem. He asked me how I intended to pay bill. I told him I was n’t going to pay this because this is n’t mine and it ‘s being disputed. He then told me they could take me to court and have it taken out of my paycheck. he called me a deadbeat, and refused to let me speak to a supervisor. Then the following day I received XXXX calls from them. I thought it was illegal to call more than twice? I ‘m so sick of this. These accounts are not mine!

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