Taking/threatening an illegal action

I have saved voicemails from someone calling from an unknown number saying that they are from the county process service department and have a failed attempted to serve me at the location on file, this matter requires my immediate attention and I need to contact the issuing office at XXXX and reference the case number provided. The call ended with ” you are in jeopardy of missing your court date, consider yourself notified! “. The XXXX voicemail said they have a XXXX failed attempt to serve me and my sister and we are in jeopardy of missing the court date as well as in jeopardy of getting a failure to serve. I have no idea why this “ county process service department ” is looking for a matter that would involve both me and my sister.
I called the phone number XXXX and have was hung up on XXXX times and told I was playing games and disgruntled ( because I told them that if they werent recording the call i was going to ), before getting information from someone on the XXXX call, which I recorded. When answering they stated different names for their ” firm ” ; XXXX and Legal office of XXXX XXXX. The account they referenced is was one that I have been disputing for years because it was fraud ; I did not open the account, someone else did. It is currently in dispute status and past the statute of limitations in my state.
The “ county process service department ” also called multiple family members who have texted and called me worried about me because it sounded like I am facing a serious legal issue.
I spoke with XXXX attorneys that stated this business is not legitimate, it is a scam. Neither of the lawyers could find information on this ” law firm/business ” I searched for hours attempting to find information on their company and all I could find was information on a company in XXXX.

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