Taking/threatening an illegal action

See Letter written to Senators XXXX & XXXX as well as Representative XXXX when he was in office : XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX Wells Fargo Home Equity Executive Office XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX To Whom It May Concern : RE : Payment for Acct # XXXX I am FURIOUS!! I received a call from a Wells Fargo representative on XX/XX/XXXX as well as today RE my home equity loan that was supposedly in arrears. I told both representatives to be sure that call was recorded! I subsequently went to my local Wells Fargo branch in XXXX today, and was assisted by a teller named XXXX who was filling in because the manager was ” on leave ” and no assistant manager was available.
There is a 10 day grace period, and I have always taken advantage of it. I made my payment on XX/XX/XXXX, and the last day for the grace period was XX/XX/XXXX. The representative to whom I spoke on XX/XX/XXXX informed me that it takes 5 DAYS for the payment to be credited to my home equity loan. My husband personally spoke to the branch manager the week of XX/XX/XXXX, and the impression he got that was that I would receive no calls as long as payment was made by the due date VS the end of the grace period. T his is the 2ND time I have had a similar issue with Wells Fargo — the last episode was in XX/XX/XXXX. In both situations, the payment was made BEFORE the end of the grace period. It also turns out that in both situations, the payment was incorrectly credited to another home equity loan that is just about paid off.
What I really found offensive was being asked if I was in arrears on my primary mortgage during the XX/XX/XXXX conversation. Additionally I had to verify my employer of 31 YEARS as well as my home address where we have lived since XXXX. This information had to be verified AGAIN during my conversation with XXXX XXXX today. He could not have been more courteous given how irate I was about this situation.
XXXX who looked into the situation @ the local branch had suggested that I call the number on the payment coupon to speak to a supervisor. That was a mistake as well. Before I was allowed to be put through to the supervisor, XXXX XXXX, I was asked the SAME questions that I had verified 2-3 hours earlier!! When I had spoken to XXXX earlier, he made reference to notes that had been made during the XX/XX/XXXX conversation. Could this woman not have looked @ the same notes and assessed that I had already given that information?? This lady told me my voice was raised, and I agree it was because I was FRUSTRATED with the interactions I have been having with telephone representatives of your bank. I was FUMING!! I did apologize to all to whom I spoke. I informed them that I understood that they had to do their jobs. No expletives were ever used either.
How can Wells Fargo justify taking 5 DAYS to clear a check for a Wells Fargo home equity loan that is drawn on a Wells Fargo account that has PLENTY of reserve to cover the amount of the check?? Furthermore, I pay the loans at the branch where I have my checking account.
It seems that Wells Fargo wants to go back to the banking practices of XX/XX/XXXX. During that time, I worked as a private duty nurse to get through grad school, and the personal checks with which I was paid took 10 days to clear. My husband and I were living on a shoestring back then. I thought those antiquated banking practices went out the window, but obviously they have not.
I am fortunately in a position to pay my bills and to pay additional principal as well. Unfortunately, in this economy, others are not. I feel HARRSASSED by your policy of doing automatic calling when payment is past due but within the grace period. I am sure that Wells Fargo as a lending institution takes advantage of any grace period extended to the company. Why are individual consumers treated as though they are deadbeats??

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