Taking/threatening an illegal action

I was first contacted by Pinnacle Asset Management ( PAM, LLC ) on XXXX XXXX, XXXX. The guy ( XXXX XXXX ) told me that I had a online loan of {$150.00} from XXXX that I owed for and since it had been so long, with late fees, etc. the amount I owed was nearly {$400.00}. He told me it was scheduled to go to court in XXXX XXXX ( the county I lived in at the time ) on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. He told me if I made a payment immediately he could settle for {$270.00}. I told him I did not get paid until Friday but then I could pay it. He told me I had to go ahead and give my debit card info and he would run the card on Friday and if I did not do it then it would go to court the next day and my wages would be garnished. I asked him how did I know he was who he said he was. He got really defensive with me about it. I ended up giving him a card number from my XXXX XXXX card. After we got off the phone, I called the original collection agency who had the account and they said it sounded like a scam to them. At that time, I cancelled my card immediately. This is wrong to scare people into paying something that could or could not be legit. He scared me so bad I was willing to not pay other bills I owe to pay this and keep from going to court or getting my wages garnished. I went to XXXX to check the number he called from and got information that this is a mobile phone with XXXX. When I asked him why he was calling from a cell phone he told me he was not. This business is lying to people and misrepresenting themselves!!! I almost felt like it was personal with this guy that he punish me for my XXXX debt that I am not even sure still exists. I am still looking into it.

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