Taking/threatening an illegal action

I unjustifiably got a XXXX violation XXXX XXXX 3 years ago ; I was not talking on my phone and proved it via showing the exact day/time of my phone bill. I also wrote a letter disputing the claim and they made me go to court 7 times on this matter also took my driver ‘s license away! I wrote a legal letter stating they are wrong, using the Appellate Division, Superior Court, XXXX County.
PEOPLE of the State of California, Plaintiff and XXXX, v. XXXX XXXX XXXX, Defendant and Appellant. No. XXXX.
Decided : XXXX XXXX, 2013, case as the model. Long story short, XXXX XXXX XXXX would n’t accept my supporting documentation and suspended my license. I had to pay {$170.00} + fee to attain my DL back. Now b/c someone at the XXXX XXXX court entered the check I mailed out late, they sent a debt collector to harass me for another {$300.00}! If I do n’t pay it the manager threatened to suspend my license and revoke my driving privileges altogether. I can not afford a lawyer and I NEED HELP. This injustice has gone on LONG enough. Can you please help me. Sincerely, XXXX

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