Taking/threatening an illegal action

Hello, I ‘m writing to complain about the ADR group. They also go under the name Dispute Resolution Services. Yesterday I received a call from a man named ” XXXX XXXX ”. He said he was an investigator with XXXX XXXX XXXX and that I was listed as a contact person for my husband, XXXX XXXX. He told me he would be coming to my house tomorrow, XXXX XXXX, between XXXX with the sheriff to serve summons to my husband. He also said that if he did not receive a stand down order and my husband was n’t home, that my husband would be facing legal fines. He did not leave a company name and he did not give the mini-miranda about trying to collect a debt. He did leave a case number and docket number. He also left the phone number of the company he is working for. Of course now I ‘m freaking out because I ‘m worried that the police are going to come to my house and take my husband in front of our kids ( he would actually be at work during the time of this scheduled visit ).

I did a little research and found out the company is called ADR. When I called the number back the system told me they were called XXXX. I went through my voice mails and found out they had called me in XXXX telling me there was a complaint filed under my husband ‘s name and SS # for fraud. When I received this call in XXXX I called them back and asked for number to be removed from their records. Of course they called again. They ‘ve also called my parents with the same scare tactics.

I do n’t think it ‘s right that they threaten and use scare tactics to try and reach my husband. I talked to a friend who worked in collections and was told that this was absolutely illegal. That they ca n’t threaten to sue, ca n’t threaten arrest, ca n’t misrepresent who they work for. They did all of these things!! Any help would be appreciated and if you need to contact my husband or I, please do!

Thank so much, XXXX XXXX

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