Taking/threatening an illegal action

Nelson and Kenard is agresively attempting to collect debt for XXXX XXXX XXXX. When I requested them to validate these debts I got NOTHING back. At the same time XXXX XXXX XXXX validate the ownership of this debt ( see attached letter ) and stated they were NOT connected to Nelson and Kenard …. Nelson and Kenard asked for financial statement in order ” to help me negotiate and settle this debt ” after providing them with all of my personal information I got NOTHING back … is this even legal to do? … XXXX XXXX XXXX still has the ownership of these credit card debt notes and I was advised to settle with them. However Nelson and Kenard has NOT stopped harassing me, I can never speak to the same person and have to give them my personal info ss # date of birth and etc over the phone to the secretary before I can be transferred to someone …. who knows what she does with my identity and why am I required to shout out my social over the phone to someone I do n’t know … this is a violation of my consumer rights and privacy this must be stopped!

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