Taking/threatening an illegal action

This company, RRS, LLC called me multiple times using different numbers ( XXXX ) XXXX and ( XXXX ) XXXX with the same call back number ( XXXX ) XXXX. It was a recorded message stating that this was in regards to a legal matter. I should have researched the number before I called back. Big mistake on my part! I called the number XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and requested this company never call me again. I also told them I was reporting them to DoNotCall.org. I have already reported the first number. The comment was that this company works with them. First of several more lies to come. The man I spoke to is XXXX XXXX. He was very evasive and rude. I asked him to please tell me what this was about several times. He would mumble his words ; and when I would react and say ” excuse me ”, he would keep telling me to stop interrupting him. He then accused me of being rude and told me to stop talking to him like he was my husband, child, girlfriend, boyfriend or fiancee. He first said he was tasked to find me regarding fraud and that my parents were looking for me. The second lie. My only living parent knows right where to find me. He told me I am being charged with fraud in the State of XXXX. Third lie. I have not lived there in 13 years. The case number the message referred to covered about XXXX people, all of which he disclosed to me since I would not tell him my name. This was a trick to try and get my name. When he thought he had the right person, he said that was all he needed to know. Fourth lie. He said I am being charged with fraud for an account from XX/XX/XXXX from XXXX XXXX XXXX. I informed him I have no knowledge of such an account. I never acknowledged anything to him. Not my name, social security number or anything else. I told him I have never defrauded anyone. I also advised him that I am aware that any debt this old is no longer valid since it has exceeded the statute of limitations in any state ( 3 yrs in XXXX and 4 yrs in XXXX ). He said that there is no statute of limitations on fraud. The Statute of Limitations for Fraud in both XXXX and XXXX is 3 years. He rudely called me ignorant. I informed him I was not ignorant ; or I would not have known about statutes of limitations. He clearly does not know the meaning of this word. The last thing he said was ” I will see you in court ”. I hung up at that point.

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