Taking/threatening an illegal action

I opened a small loan with this company who takes advantage of consumers having a hard time by giving them loans and charging an insane interest rate almost doubling the payback amount … … … But I was struggling to feed my kids and keep my credit good so i opened a loan with the intention of paying it off and having a positive affect on my credit.

XXXX into XX/XX/XXXX i defaulted on the loan because i was the sole income in my house and my fiance was a XXXX. He suddenty went back to work causing me to need last minute child care. I had to use my bill money to pay for care for my kids which set me back for months. I tried explaining this to them and they were very rude over the phone using profanity and just all around nasty. I still made a few payments after that trying to catch up but i just couldnt get back on track. This company also caused me alot of grief and stress as they would call my job to my BOSS ‘S DESK PHONE … ..ALL.DAY.LONG! Even after he asked them to stop calling they still called and almost caused me to get fired. The called my MOTHER and scared her as well and she doesnt even live in this state asking her for my wherabouts! They even came in person to my house and were yelling at me in front of my kids.

This is very rude and unprofessional not to mention against collection laws. Fast forward to XX/XX/XXXX I paid them the balance IN FULL and requested as a coutresy for them to delete the reporting from the credit bureaus and they refused. I requested a call back from Manager XXXX who handles the Georgia offices XXXX times only to be ignored and never receive a call back. These people scared myself, my kids and jeopardized my job! These people should be ashamed and should be taken out of business.

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