Taking/threatening an illegal action

On XX/XX/XXXX I received a call from a very nasty woman at Navient telling me I owed {$890.00} today, demanded persistently I give a credit card, cash, or check! I told her I was informed by the Advocates office of XXXX not to speak to Navient ; they handle Federal Loans for new borrowers ; not Private Contract Loans. I told her to stop contacting my parents ; the lawyer faxed/certify mailed a Cease and Desist letter for both of my parents that XXXX more call criminal charges will be filed. She became very belligerent stating nobody called my parents : There are recordings of ALL NAVIENT CALLS as early as XXXX and later than XXXX, more than 4 times daily, everyday, including weekends/holidays! She told me she can call me if she wanted to, the advocates office ca n’t stop Navient from calling. I explained, XXXX XXXX has the contract, she merged all loans into XXXX loan, the forbearance dates were to start and end at the same time. XXXX had them in administrative forbearance, on several occasions had to extend that due to complications she had fixing it in the system. I call XX/XX/XXXX spoke to XXXX who adamantly refused to continue forbearance, he said XXXX forbearance expired, the others had two months time left to use ; that XXXX would need paid, I explained that was wrong XXXX XXXX redid the contract merging everything into XXXX, making them due on the same date. He said he would email her to call me, no call was returned. I tried calling her several times and left messages, XXXX at the advocates emailed her twice to call me, to present date no return call from her has been made. I have persistently, faithfully tried to resolve this issue as directed by XXXX XXXX. I paid {$150.00} every 3 months as I am XXXX, receive XXXX and only {$1000.00} XXXX pay. Additionally I was wrongfully denied the original XXXX review for waiver ; this was for XXXX and I paid XXXX for forbearance. After my school contacted the company ‘s higher ups it was determined it was an oversight that Minnesota life would review the loan. I was informed that I was approved for 100 % waiver from XXXX XXXX at XXXX XXXX in her review XX/XX/XXXX, and just Friday XX/XX/XXXX, I received a letter date XX/XX/XXXX from XXXX XXXX stating she got the information from XXXX XXXX for the review of XXXX. I was offered XXXX % write off of adjusted balance. I am owed back 1 year of forbearance time I paid for the oversight error by the advocate of XXXX XXXX/Navient. I called XXXX XXXX right away left an in-depth message, requested a call ; and called thereafter : I have a phone log showing these calls were made ; and all conversations I have recorded including today ‘s call from XXXX, XXXX Navient Rep. I finally told the rep if I filed bankruptcy the judge would dismiss this, I am not collectible, and own nothing. The judge would not make me live XXXX in the street to die. Furthermore, XXXX payment is not able to be garnished, it is judgement proof. Per the ORC 3923.19 ( B ) 1 ; and ORC ( F ) SEC 5115.06 this is enforced by law! The rep told me this is in collection now, I need to go to bankruptcy court, it will not be dismissed, and shes starting collection action on me today and hung up on me! This is NOT negotiating, this is not being reasonable ; it is not my fault XXXX XXXX has not fixed this or called me back, and I absolutely ca n’t give my entire XXXX check to Navient, and NO court of law will accept this ludicrous behavior from Navient! I tried putting it on forbearance, was denied my right to do so. I tried to resolve the issue before it became one to no avail. This is the fault of Navient/XXXX XXXX poor customer service who are inadequately trained! To be harassed, threatened, and bullied, is against laws set by FDCPA, and serious repercussions are at stake against Navient for these actions!

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