Taking/threatening an illegal action

I had a credit card opened in XXXX with XXXX, XXXX after I was married to my husband in XXXX. Even though it was in my name, we both used the card for both of our use, which included purposes for the home we bought in XXXX. However, since the credit reached a substantial high of {$6500.00}. along with other credit cards we had that we made home improvements on, we decided to refinance on a 2nd mortgage in XXXX with XXXX Mortgage eliminating these debts. Unfortunately, XXXX child later, and in XXXX, we divorced and I ‘m left in a strict foreclosure after losing my job due to the economy crisis in XXXX and working XXXX jobs to meet the mortgage and during XXXX job I took a fall which left me on worker ‘s compensation since XXXX, still fighting for XXXX. However, let me be brief … XXXX, XXXX apparently sold off debt to XXXX XXXX , XXXX in XXXX, that ‘s 13 years later. I ‘ve never had it on my credit report since then. Like I said, I refinanced the debt in XXXX. When I received the letter from XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX XXXX ( which by the way is over the statute of limitations in CT ). I immediately advised them that this credit was refinanced in XXXX and she said ok I ‘ll take care of it. There must have been an error. I was never notified any time after that, but I was taken to small claims court in XXXX XXXX where there was a judgement against me yet no papers were ever sent to me for {$5000.00} judgement 2 months later. Then they sold the debt off to another credit agency called Resolute Credit who is now again taking me back to court and threatening me when they know that they can not go into my funds because I am on worker ‘s compensation and I was receiving child support which just ended and my son is living with me until he goes to College in XXXX. However, this man legally threatened to go after my checking account again for the same amount knowing I just turned into the court via fax An Exempt for Execution which I should n’t have had to do in the first place because the Bank ( XXXX XXXX Bank ) should have been able to protect my money with my Divorce Decree on File as well as my Worker ‘s Compensation Check. They should have marked my account as Protected!! And they did not do their job. So yes, I believe this should be made public for others to see. So it does n’t happen to them. And their should be laws put against these Credit Card/Collection Agencies that do this because now I have this on my credit report which ruins my credit report while I now need to look for a place to live and when they need to check my credit score, it brought it down traumatically. And they should be held liable for this damage.

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