Taking/threatening an illegal action

I was harassed repeatedly by this debt collector, even after I ‘d formally requested contact to cease ( was considering bankruptcy ). I reconsidered and enrolled in college to allocate upward mobility and eventually alleviate my debts. A questionably documented suit ( for which I was never served papers ) against me was filed in XXXX but no action was taken ( obviously ) until seven days ago ( MORE than three years afterward ). ” Judgement ” was awarded in favor of the debt collector and my bank XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Bank ) allowed my ENTIRE account balance-holding my livelihood to be seized. I had contacted the collector the same day my account was frozen and informed them the entire contents of my account was from Federal Student Aid and Federal Work Study, the debt collector/attorney response was obvious irritation at his lack of legal grounds. His responses were then short, informing me to contact my own attorney before the seizure commenced. He implied there would be no action from his firm to stop the what was already set in motion. I received the certified letter of garnishment two days AFTER my account was frozen. I JUST TODAY at the end of my ” grace period ” received my bank ‘s process of the paperwork ( which contains no state seals whatsoever ) and their decision in the matter. Currently, I am in the middle XXXX and the time limit given to me for my resolution of the issue was impossible for my success. The process of allocating legal assistance as well as frantic damage control from the impending financial ruin ( homelessness, loss of continued education, ETC. ) that seizing my entire account ‘s contents has caused, unfortunately has exceeded the timeframe of a week. PLEASE keep in mind the process began midweek and those seven days included XXXX weekend and this past weekend-I literally had two business days. I am NOW currently unable to feed myself, purchase the means to continue my education, and facing eviction because my account ‘s balance, which has ( since XXXX ) 100 % federally funded ( XXXX XXXX XXXX Bank ) account is now negative. Federal student aid and Statewide grants are EXEMPTED from garnishment! I have US federal government issued documents and statements, XXXX XXXX XXXX Bank monthly statements, financial award letters, countless emails, and numerous documents ( including but certainly not limited to the IRS, XXXX accredited educational institutions ( A prominent XXXX college and the state university ), ETC. proving the validity of my statements of this illegal seizure. My rights and welfare has been grossly violated with this POORLY handled affair.

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