Taking/threatening an illegal action

I received a Notice of Writ on Garnishment & a Continuing Writ of Garnishment Against Salary or Wages. The final judgment against me was obtained on XXXX XXXX, 2004. I am in Florida and the Statute of Limitations is 7 years. To protect myself I am filing a Head of Household Claim of Exemption & Request for Hearing in XXXX County Court today. I have done research on the Plaintiff, XXXX XXXX and have found many complaints and class action lawsuits against them for illegal and unethical practices. I am very concerned about this as I am supporting a XXXX year old child on less than {$XXXX} a week net and my employer has begun withholding 25 % of my net pay until the hearing is held and my exemption is ruled on. This company at XXXX time froze a bank account that received direct deposit for child support and my minor child ‘s XXXX, while I was unemployed and a student, which is illegal!!!

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