Taking/threatening an illegal action

Fairway Collections is suing me for a debt incurred XX/XX/XXXX. The debt was for {$160.00}. They garnished my husband ‘s wages and collected {$230.00}. They did n’t garnish anymore and thought the debt was paid. Then, in XX/XX/XXXX they attempted to garnish again and we made a payment agreement paying another {$150.00}. ( at that time I was suffering from the effects of XXXX XXXX XXXX ) Again, we thought our obligation was finished. Now they are attempting to garnish my husband ‘s wages again for the same debt and this time have tacked on interest, court fees, etc. for a grand total of {$1500.00}! That is 12 times the amount of the original debt! We offered them our entire income tax return of {$400.00} and they refused! Please help us. My husband just got a new job because his company is closing. The new medical insurance is unaffordable for me and being a XXXX XXXX survivor it is very important for me to have insurance. We were in the process of purchasing insurance for me but the collection agency will take XXXX % of my husband ‘s paycheck.

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