Taking/threatening an illegal action

I am contacting you regarding my student loans. I am receiving documentation from multiple companies regarding the same loans and receiving numerous other telephone calls from many different organizations ” collecting ” the exact same loans. I have my student loan with XXXX/XXXX who is still attempting to collect the same loan they have EOS CCA and XXXX seeking. I have no clue who I need to deal with. For starters, this loan was in an approved forbearance and has been for a while and I was unaware it was removed for a year! No reason given they just did. I also have my parental plus loans for my son with the Department of Education/XXXX. I have tried to work with the debt collectors to make some sort of payment and no one would help, they refused. I do not understand what all is going on and I need to know who I should be dealing with. I just filed bankruptcy and still can not cover bills. I need to maintain a roof over my head as I am trying to financially get my life back together following a divorce that took what little I had to my name and the recession. I now have been served notice of garnishment! This is out of control and should never, ever have gotten to this point. I have always wanted to pay something but I can not give what I do not have and over $ 350 month on XXXX loan is completely not possible. Now, this garnishment will cause me to lose my apartment. I can not cover all the bills, insurance and XXXX sons ‘ college and multiple student loans at high interest and high monthly payments at the same time. There is no help, no one who will look at the issues going on here and the collection practices have got to change. I have been bullied because I can not pay and if someone would have worked with me/assisted me I would not be where I am. Now, my credit is ruined due to divorce and the wrongful garnishment and collection attempts of student loans. The collection tactics of these companies have got to change. They do not work with people, call endlessly and hang up leaving no messages. I do however receive calls from other numbers not associated with EOS CCA or XXXX XXXX. I am more than willing to work this out and need the matter corrected appropriately without any garnishment. This is all so much and it is confusing. Please, the interest on student loans must come down and at least allow people the ability pay. I want to but can not make the outrageous monthly payments being sought 9 %! This should not even be allowed. My loan was originally {$14000.00} and now is over {$40000.00}. How can people who earn under XXXX gross a year live and ever expect to reduce or pay that off? Truly, these collection tactics have to be looked by our government and help American students graduate, earn money to pay student loans at reasonable interest rates. XXXX XXXX demeans people, threaten jail or taking property. They grant forbearance and then take them out with no explanation to the borrower. It ‘s simply not fair and I know I am not alone in this position. I am a borrower willing to pay on the loans, but it has to be fair and affordable. I do not deserve to be treated so poorly. It is a waste of time and money to pursue collections and force borrowers into default because they ” can ” or simply refuse to work with you. There are many things that happen to people in life that are not on taxes or XXXX and absolutely need consideration when evaluating economic hardships. Thank you so much for your help and inquiry these underhanded collection practices of EOS CCA, XXXX XXXX and XXXX.

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