Taking/threatening an illegal action

Simms Associates is a debt collection agency that initially contacted me on XXXX XXXX 2015. I was greeted by a representative who kept asking me for my name, social security and address. She specifically asked for me via phone when she called my workplace and after providing my social security and DOB, she said that was not what she had on file. After a few minutes of determining that the other family member, my grandmother ‘s information was the XXXX on file ( she allowed me to provide her SSN and DOB and then gave me all the information regarding the debt ), she informed me of the balance I owed and with what company the charge off came from to collect the debt. I informed her that I am unable to make lump sum payments due to other debts accrued from student loans, and after she implied by stating that if I do n’t pay, they do n’t know what would happen, I may go to jail or get sued or go to litigation, that I was forced into making some sort of settlement. We ended up with {$25.00} from my checking account until I could pay them more.

After feeling cornered and coerced into sending in a payment, I filed a complaint with their local XXXX in Delaware. The only response received was that they would provide a verification of debt. Like the rep ‘s ” I will email you a receipt ” issue – neither came via email or regular mail. I assumed that our debt was already in repayment and never checked back again.

Apparently they decided voluntarily to not accept payments arranged, because no automatic payment was posted to my checking account in XXXX. I called on XXXX XXXX and they refused to let me provide the same information the previous representative allowed me to provide. They refused to let me provide any sort of information and repeatedly informed me they can not talk about this account any longer.

I submitted a second complaint today to the Delware XXXX after talking with XXXX XXXX who charged off the account and put Simms Associates in charge of collecting my account on their behalf. XXXX collections department representative filed the complaint, and agreed to take payments direct from me and not through the Simms Associates. I informed Simms via the XXXX complaint of this outcome.

I feel that their collection practices, especially casually implying that I would go to jail or get sued just to get payment out of me was flat out wrong. There are several online complaints regarding their practices.

I can not believe that they refused to let me pay! How ridiculous is that. I hope that someone takes care of this business and ensures that they are unable to threaten or coerce other people out of payments.

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