Taking/threatening an illegal action

No court showed any judgments. Judgment was removed off credit report on XXXX XXXX. I did n’t even know a judgment existed! Was never even notified! They wiped out my bank account and took 100 % of my money. I was on a payment plan with Sklar Law. I had a baby and told them due to FMLA, it was not paid. I contacted them in XXXX XXXX and temporarily stopped my repay plan with them agreeing i would return. In XXXX XXXX, i went back to work and called to restart my repay plan. They denied and hung up on me. I called in XX/XX/XXXX, same issue, they denied to restart my repay. Never told me anything on any judgment, nor did i ever get any mail. i hired XXXX to help my credit, then all of a sudden, Sklar Law took my money a few months later. I called again on XXXX XXXX, XXXX and was cursed at and huung up on 7 times! I called the court administrator and she said they never told her i was on a repay plan. After numerous calls, they finally admitted that i was on a repay and stopped it. The court administrator supervisor said she was going to call me. Due to XXXX, i had to leave the apartment complex i was in.

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