Taking/threatening an illegal action

I received a letter in XX/XX/XXXX from an attorney, Kenneth Davidson, stating I owe a debt of {$1100.00} including interest. I wrote him back requesting my entire file from his firm along with the original creditor ‘s file since I have no idea who this person is. From what I understand per the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, this is what I, as a consumer, am allowed to request. He mailed back to me a copy of a NSF check in the amount of {$40.00} that I had written on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. This is all he sent me. Still having no idea who this person is, why I am just now being notified of a {$40.00} NSF check that incurred interest & not receiving any other information, I submitted all documents with my complaint to my Colorado Attorney General ‘s office. A server came to my home & gave me an Interrogatories form that I was supposed to fill out and return to this Kenneth Davidson attorney ( not the court ) within 14 days, a week later. I submitted this to the Attorney General ‘s office and received an email stating I need to find a lawyer because they do not give out legal advice. I did not feel comfortable filling a form out to someone that I do not know and am supposed to list very personal information. On XX/XX/XXXX, I received a CC letter from an investigator at the Attorney Regulation Counsel to this XXXX XXXX stating that he failed to comply with the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, he had the opportunity to respond to the letter, he was to send in documentation and also address me that he failed to comply with the Act. My case number with the investigation is XXXX, if you need this. XXXX XXXX sent both of us a multitude of paperwork that I have never received, along with, a court document with my signature on it from XX/XX/XXXX, stating I agreed to pay this debt. It is my signature, however, it is mortifying to think of where else my signature has been fraudulently used because I never signed any documents with or in front of this person. I received a letter yesterday stating that I will be held in contempt and will go to jail if I do not fill out another Interrogatories form immediately to his office. This morning, the Regulation Counsel investigator ‘s secretary called and told me that I needed to find a lawyer for the Interrogatories form while they still investigate. I feel XXXX XXXX has violated Colorado ‘s statutes 12-14-108 by charging interest, 12-14-109 by not providing me the original creditor ‘s information, 12-14-107 ( h ) false representation or implication that the consumer has engaged in any disgraceful conduct, 12-14-112 deceptive forms – making up false forms he supposedly sent to me, and the Colorado Defamation Law 18-13-105 Criminal libel from the horrible things he wrote about me to the Regulation Counsel investigator. May I ask for your assistance in this matter? I have never been this threatened, discriminated and my name abused in my life! I am also XXXX. I have all documentation if you would like them. Thank you for your time.

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