Taking/threatening an illegal action

On XX/XX/XXXX, XXXX from Account Brokers contacted me after I moved to Iowa and informed me of a bill regarding XXXX, and she was very rude, which I do have recorded stated that there is a judgement against me and stated that she has put a warrant out for my arrest. She put me in tears before she hung up. I do have this call recorded.
Today XX/XX/XXXX, I have n’t heard from this lady in a long time. She contacted my job and tried to be so sweet, I informed her not to contact me at work and she stated I thought you were moving back to Colorado, I said I never said I was moving back to Colorado and she stated yes you told me that when I last spoke to you back in XXXX, I said no, and she argued that for a minute and I said I do remember talking to you and you were very rude to me, so goes ” are you kidding me! ” I said yes you were, she then proceeded to state that I do have another account for XXXX and how would l like to take care of it. Said I cant make payment today and will contact her in two weeks. She started getting very rude and I said I am sorry, but I am at work and will call in two weeks, I asked her to email me the information so I could look at it and she stated NO, I can not and will not do that. I said then I will call you in two weeks and speak to a supervisor and I hung up on her.

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