Taking/threatening an illegal action

Cavalry Portfolio Services L.L.C. put a lien on a home my husband and I are selling next month. My name has not been on the title to this home for most of the 9 years we owned it because I was afraid cavalry would do this. But a few months ago we put my name on the title. ( thinking cavalry ‘s long arm had shriveled back due to credit card debt expiration laws in this state being 7 years … ) I called them and settled to pay XXXX so the home can sell ). But their practices have been illegal and abusive.

1. They bought an old debt of mine from around XXXX from XXXX XXXX XXXX. I moved to XXXX in about XXXX and they had a lawyer in the state2. that shamed me into sending them XXXX via XXXX XXXX to settle the case.

3. They never sent me a receipt for the money. OR reported it on my credit report.

4. In the state of XXXX that debt should have expired.

5. Now in XXXX they have placed a lein on this house which we are selling and their letter to the Title company states a date of XXXX. Which is falsified. This debt should have expired.

6. Also, this home was NOT used to secure any debt with XXXX XXXX XXXX ( or Cavalry ). IT SEEMS that The lien should not be attached to this property legally should IT???

Also, in XXXX when they first badged me by phone they sent me a judgment. I was so ashamed ( newly married ) and afraid of being father abused verbally by them in court that I did not go.

7. I wrote them letters explainable my situation, that I had become XXXX after selling a home in XXXX ( to pay all my credit card debt off!!! and I did pay around XXXX to citicard, etc., but I kept XXXX XXXX XXXX because the interest was XXXX percent fixed. But alter selling my home I became XXXX and could not do simple paperwork and the XXXX XXXX XXXX card never got paid. Of course Cavalry did not care about anything but making money from me. ( I NOW know … ) 8. According to Cavalry ‘s RANDOM and undocumented BOOK-keeping — – that old XXXX dollar debt they bought from XXXX XXXX XXXX around XXXX — has ballooned ( after their ‘legal fees ‘, 21 % DEFAULT interest ‘ etc. to almost XXXX!

I attach images of the paper work. to substantiate my claims. Thank You.

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