Taking/threatening an illegal action

There is a previous complaint about this company from me. I am writing because my parent ‘s savings account was levied by Messerli & Kramer. The bank got their notice on XXXX XXXX, mine was n’t mailed until XXXX XXXX. I received the paperwork on XXXX XXXX, and the money was already removed before I had the chance to file an exemption. I also filed an exemption with this company on XXXX XXXX, 2015. The savings account that was levied only has my name on it in case something should happen to my parents. We are clearing that end up at the bank, but the fact remains that I was NOT allowed proper time to file my exemption with them before they sent the form to the bank. This happened once before, years ago, and I did file a complaint.

I have been making my payments. They claim they did not receive the XXXX payment, and I know the first XXXX payment did n’t make it through the bank so I immediately re-issued the payment and then continued on in XXXX. Their amounts do not reflect the proper amount owed on the account.

I KNOW that they have to provide me with enough time to file my exemption in the case of a garnishment or account levy. They will claim it was a different account number, however, all amounts show the SAME account number. I feel I am being harassed nonstop by these people, after we have made an agreement. Please make them STOP!!!!! I am TRYING to get this debt cleared up, repeated attacks from them after we made an agreement are not helping!!!!!

I am attaching documentation, however, I am not attaching every receipt, as you have all of that from my previous claim and I doubt that you want to read through it all again. I WILL provide it if necessary. I have provided the garnishment/levy notice, the date it was postmarked, the date the funds were levied from my PARENT ‘S account and the original settlement letter. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you so much for your time!

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