Taking/threatening an illegal action

XXXX XXXX has default judgment against me for a GE Care Credit Card debt. I was NOat served or notified I had been sued and a lawauit pendingpending. Had I received notice I would have responded! I would have disputed the debt, /collection practices, business accounting errors and amount owed and refusal to credit payments and/or requested mediation. Would have done anything to prevent a default judgment against me!? It was a debt incurred only by dental work I needed. My dentist promoted and signed me up for GE Care Credit I had no dental ins or any other way to pay for dential necessities such as XXXX etc. Dentist required payment in full at time services were rendered! I had no other way to receive dental care! this acct was opened in XXXX! Over the years GE reported me as late or a payment not received ( in error ) which affected the cc agreement, terms and int rate. They changed terms of agmt during a hardship agreement and XXXX int and more, late fees, penalties for making min amount payment due. They agreed to in hardship agmt..Acct closed XXXX and last payment I made was XXXX XXXX. Charged off different amount. lawsuit amounts were exceedingly more and did n’t notify me at all of judgment which just learned of through aa recent notice of appt of receiver to garnish my accounts which can remain in place forever. This was 7 years ago and I really do n’t have anything to garnish. I have kept good financial records.

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