Taking/threatening an illegal action

Received phone call from XXXX claiming that they are attempting to serve notification to me at my employment and residence ( for a charge off debt from 2001 ) and must call them back to make arrangments. When I called back, they stated that they were a 3rd party attempting to collect a debt and that the credit card company re-initiated a court claim against me where they can put judgement against me for up to $ XXXX. They pressured me to make a payment arrangement if they took a large percentage off the original balance due, then asked for my credit card information as a good faith attempt for not being sued. They promised to send me documentation via email as proof of them being a 3rd party representation. I was stupid and gave them the CC number in good faith. They took money out of my checking account for {$200.00}. The bank said that the transaction was from XXXX XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ) at a XXXX ‘ area code telephone number ( XXXX , XXXX ). I called the XXXX ‘ area code number. The representative that answered said that they were a ” child support/check recovery ” agency in XXXX, XXXX -for the state of XXXX . I live in XXXX ( and do n’t have chilcren, nor do I write checks ). The rep was good enough to run my name through their database, to see if my name came up and if my identitiy was compromised. Nothing came up and she suggested I call the police. She also disclosed that their agency have received a flood of calls of this type within the past two months. I got the money back from the bank and put in a fraudulent claim. Now, these scammers are relentlesly calling me 3 and 4 times a day from the same XXXX telephone number. I did some checking and the call is coming from somewhere in XXXX. I called them right back and told them that they have been reported to the police. DO NOT TALK TO THESE POEPLE FOR ANY REASON!!!

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