Taking/threatening an illegal action

I get a letter in the mail from my jobs HR dept. telling me that wages are going to be garnished, and I was like what!!! I never got any notices in the mail stating that I was going to be sued or anything. I do n’t even remember this debtime of credit card. I have had fraudulent activity on my credit score and stuff. So, they do n’t even give me a chance to call or anything they hit me with the judgement and started to garnish my wages! I never signed for a judgement, never got notified of any at that, and they send me a paper saying the debt is {$600.00} and they are garnishing my wages for {$2800.00}!! This is sick! XXXX, new financial services, and resurgent are considered and thieves. They make their own judgement without properly letting the person know, or anything. I do n’t make much money and this has crippled me! I call and they do n’t care. This is False practice and very wrong and illegal.

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