Taking/threatening an illegal action

In XXXX i owed capital one XXXX on a credit card debt. In XXXX it was charged off at XXXX, apparently sometime in early XXXX they got involved to assist in collection. Its been stated XXXX tried to contact me, then shortly after obtained a default judgement. Again apparently in XXXX ( maybe XXXX ) and in XXXX Of XXXX they again tried to negotiate a settlement with me, But since i didnt respond they got a judgement and ended up garnishing me in XXXX of XXXX. Facts are they didnt not provide, notify or contact me on this, and infact in those months of XXXX they pingged my XXXX work report and knew where i was, They served a writ of garnish of XXXX and in early XXXX AGAIN provided my employer with a additional XXXX still owed after the XXXX was garnished. At that point i contacted XXXX in XXXX and all of a sudden the second garnishment stopped and only XXXX was taken out of the XXXX, i have requested documents on the second garnishment XXXX seperate times and have not gotten anything from my former employer only that wat i have stated has happen in a verbal form. My former employer has stated a letter of satisfaction was sent, Again when i complained. The writ copy i recieved doesnt add up, Time stamps dont match documentation and no judges signature, Even the case number cant be found. They tried to garnish bank accounts i never had and XXXX documentation reads XXXX, in XXXX? This firm hasnt been XXXX for a while only XXXX? I got ripped off big time!!

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