Taking/threatening an illegal action

The XXXX. Illegally placed my home on a vacant and abandoned list. They took legal action ( hired a law-firm ) to collect the debt via small claims court, I provided XXXX total documents to dispute their fraudulent claim and I prevailed. The case was dismissed with PREJUDICE. ( meaning they can NOt bring a claim pertaining to this case against me ever again ) 60 days later in RETALIATION, I received ( XXXX ) bills from again the XXXX, stating I owe approx. XXXX for cutting my grass. I never received notice or warning of the XXXX taking such action and disputed the bill, it was denied by the same dept. that sent the bill in the first place. ( What do you know, the recruited to XXXX Executive ” XXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX ) I questioned the XXXX XXXX assistant XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX regarding my right to DUE Process, and inquired about and appeal, I was told there was NO additional appeals afforded me. I was then referred to the XXXX. I was then told, by telephone from attorney XXXX XXXX, that I would receive a notice regarding their decision, and I could in fact appeal the decision. And then the next day, I received a summons from the same law-firm on behalf of the XXXX stating I owe them XXXX. The small-claims court dismissal was on this same property from the same people XXXX .I reported the unethical and criminal action taking by the attorney ( s ) to the disciplinary commission. And now here we go AGAIN, the city attempting to collect monies from me that I do NOT owe. This time, they filed the case ( that was already heard ) with a higher court, attempting to disregarding the previous ruling of the Judge. Now they are going after me for ( XXXX, plus interest, fees, etc ) based off the previous claim ( WHICH was DISMISSED ) They are using, Influence, harassment, wicked games, abusing power and the entire legal system to take advantage of the working poor simple because they have NO over-sight and all their relatives work here ( in-laws, sisters, cousin, uncles, aunt, etc ) for the police, XXXX and elected officials. NONE of these folks within the XXXX is standing up for the constituents they took an oath to serve and protect. Though they all receive tax-payers dollars to feed their own families and provide their needs and wants!! : ( I filed a discrimination complaint against the city and reported harassment, intimidation, corruption, criminal enterprise ( XXXX crime ) fraud, waste and abuse to state representatives, senators, prosecutors and nothing was DONE!! The state representative had the nerve to tell me to contact the University XXXX!?!?! It ‘s a war zone here and these folks, including myself need help from this very evil and wicked leaders throughout the state. I believe the XXXX will save us … But, he uses people … .we need a lot of good people to help us to begin to live in peace while we reside here. A wonder just how many folks are victims of these very criminal acts???? None of this is ever reported on the newsso people can learn about all this and better protect themselves, its so, so, so, so SAD!!! : (

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